The Next Generation in Diamonds

As the saying goes ‘Diamonds Are Forever’, unfortunately so are many of the effects of mining them. We know that the mining process still poses a human rights issue in many locations around the world. We also know that mining diamonds has a huge impact on the environment, it is a fossil fuel intensive act […]



THE HEART OF HEART IN DIAMOND Hi all and welcome to 2019, we are so excited for the year ahead and wanted to start the year acknowledging what Heart In Diamond means to you all and to us. Your Story You’ve come here or stumbled upon us because you have a story, unlike any other […]

Diamond rings made from hair

Unique Diamond Rings With Diamonds Made From A Lock Of Hair

Diamond rings are special gifts. Whether for an engagement, wedding, anniversary, or milestone birthday, a diamond symbolises love, endurance and purity. We’ve all heard the saying “diamonds are forever”. You may have heard you can create a diamond out of ashes. But you probably didn’t know you can also create a diamond out of a […]

Conflict-free diamonds

Conflict Free Diamonds – What You Should Know

Demand for conflict free diamonds has increased in recent years. But what makes a diamond conflict free? How do you ensure you’re buying ethically-sourced diamonds?   Conflict Diamonds Put simply, a “conflict diamond” is a diamond mined in a conflict zone, the trade of which directly supports a war effort or insurgency, along with the […]