How to Order

Personal diamond means personal touch

Our local Heart In Diamond representative will provide you with the detailed information on the product and will help you to place your order. You can set up an appointment with our local representative* or order a Heart In Diamond collection kit. Please call us or make an appointment.

The next steps are:

1. Make your selection

You will have a choice of the preferred diamond, jewellery options and other customizations. Please see Create your own diamond page for available options.

2. Sending us the samples

For hair samples, please place 1/2 cup volume or about 0.07 oz. of hair into the zip-lock carbon collection bag included in the collection kit and mail it via registered mail or courier. For ashes we require 2/3 cup volume or about 3.52 oz. of cremated ashes, equivalent to 3-6 heaped tablespoons.

3. Checking the status of your order

As soon as we receive your signed Purchasing Order Form, you will be issued with a Heart In Diamond ID number which you can use to track the status of your order through an Order Tracking page.

4. Delivery of Your Personal Diamond

Your personal diamond will be delivered to you by a Heart In Diamond representative* or by an authorized courier. Please note: the Heart In Diamond Mini option will only be delivered by courier

* Dependent on representative within your location.

Learn more

To see the available diamond options please visit Create Your Own Diamond page.

If you’re unsure what to choose and want to learn more, please use our Personal Service.