Hi all and welcome to 2019, we are so excited for the year ahead and wanted to start the year acknowledging what Heart In Diamond means to you all and to us.

Your Story

You’ve come here or stumbled upon us because you have a story, unlike any other story. It is unique and it is yours. It may be one you want to tell and show others, or it may be one you want to keep to yourself and just remember, either way this story is as unique as your diamond. A diamond that is grown from a lock of hair or ashes of a beloved other. There will never be another diamond like your Heart In Diamond, diamonds are forever and they represent forever, capturing personal memories, milestones, relationships, every incredible moment in a colour, shape, size and setting that reflects you and your story.

Don’t Forget, Remember

We don’t want you to feel like you have to forget, to move on, to push your story aside, after all it is now a part of you. Heart In Diamond keeps that memory, that bond with you at all times. There is never a moment that you can not hold that pendant, look at the ring or admire your bracelet and remember, hold on to that loved one, that story. It’s ok not to forget, not to move on, not to push it aside, it is ok to instead memorialise, celebrate, talk about and live your story.

Ethical Diamonds

Mined diamonds bring up many concerns due to the damage they have done to the environment and the exploitation of those who mine them. Ultimately the only way to address these concerns is with lab grown diamonds which are the next generation of diamonds, ethical, environmentally responsible and personal.

These are the reasons Heart In Diamond exists. These are the reasons we do this. And these are the reasons that people find us. To tell their story, to remember and to have the next generation in diamonds be ethical and meaningful.

We understand the emotional weight of making this important decision and are here to guide you through the process and help you create your never ending bond.