Sanjiv Bhandari

Sanjiv Bhandari

Dealer Principal

Heart In Diamond, India

This commemorative diamond helps bring people together, creating a bond beyond imagination.

Sanjiv Bhandari

Heart In Diamond is a beautiful company which understands the emotions of its customers and the value they attach to these diamonds made from hair or ashes (human or pet). In my dealings with HID I have found them to be sensitive to the needs of the customer, price competitive and capable of creating beautiful products.

The lab grown diamonds they create are as real as the diamonds mother earth provides us with. The company’s infrastructure is top notch, with proven systems and a very responsive staff. I chose Heart In Diamond because I believe they are the very best in the business.

Relationships are special and the only real bonds we create are with our close, loved ones. We cherish their presence in our lives and wish to live forever around them.

Well, it doesn’t end like that, so, what better way to celebrate their presence around us, than to get diamonds made from their very own carbon. An extra special gift one can cherish for years to come. This commemorative diamond helps bring people together, creating a bond beyond our imagination and an opportunity to appreciate your loved ones’ presence in your lives.

We understand your emotions when you order this product and stand by you at every stage of the process to help you feel special. Our customer service is close to your heart, as is the product. At every step of the way, right until the final delivery of the diamond, we cherish your needs and help you get the diamond of your dreams. Choose Heart In Diamond and choose life.