Mário Teles

Mário Teles

Dealer Principal

Heart In Diamond, Portugal

I did not choose to work with Heart In Diamond, I feel that it was Heart In Diamond who chose me.

Mário Teles

For someone to own a jewel that is more than its physical properties, but that also contains within it, the essence of a beautiful and meaningful relationship, is truly awe inspiring for me.

The professional manner as well as the genuine and honest working approach of the Heart In Diamond team made me feel early on that it was the right choice.

Knowing that we can eternalize the relations that we cherish, and also extend the emotional bond of those who are in love, gives me the encouragement and reassurance of knowing that a Heart In Diamond contains within itself the purest and most genuine of emotions.

A Heart In Diamond allows those who are our nearest and dearest, like a child, a parent, a pet, or that special someone who has impacted on our lives forever, to always be close to us.

A Heart In Diamond is for me, above all, a way to celebrate and perpetuate relationships, created from either a lock of hair of a loved one who shares with us the joys of the day-to-day, or from the ashes of those who departed, leaving a lasting pain that needs to be comforted.

The brightness of a Heart In Diamond is for me everything that we must learn from life – to appreciate, respect and honor all those who have enriched our lives.